Prior Medical Systems-All in Management System

Change is the only constant factor in life.

Certainly in the medical World this is a fact. Every day new techniques are developed, organizations are changing. Responsibilities shift and laws are getting  more tight. The objective is to improve the quality and efficiency in the care industry.

Every discipline in the healthcare organisation is supposed to be aware of all the demands  which equipment  has to meet. For the high value, high tech equipment it is naturally , because of the training which comes with the product.

With the “common” equipment like scales, blood pressure equipment and thermometers the perception is different . In spite of the fact everybody is using this equipment, people are less aware of the demands towards this equipment. For example ; in many countries scales for medical use have to be class III calibrated  by the 1st  January 2017.

 The Prior All In Management System © takes care in avoiding problems.

This system helps institutions in the healthcare area :

  • Keeping the weighing equipment up to date to the highest demands
  • Servicing the weighing equipment without disturbing the daily operations
  • Reporting efficiently to all relevant departments
  • Offering budget security


The essentials of the Prior All in Management System© ;


  • Step 1 : stocktaking of all weighing equipment
  • Step 2 : determine an operating plan with the customer
  • Step 3 : execution of the agreed operating plan
  • Step 4 : twice a year reporting to the responsible managers


The advantages of the Prior All in Management System© ;


  • Institutions have a long term budget security. No surprises.
  • Departments can concentrate on taking care of their  patients
  • Uniform weighing systems
  • 1 contact for all weighing matters
  • Just class III calibrated systems
  • Reduction of administration costs

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