Prior Medical Systems - Medical measuring equipment

Prior Medical Systems focuses on providing products and systems that measure the vital elements of the Early Warning Score.

Measurement is decisive for making a diagnosis. The data that is almost always needed: weight, temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, saturation. Length is also an important quantity in many disciplines.

Measuring also means more and more monitoring. Prior Medical Systems develops systems with its partners that reduce the administrative burden of all disciplines. But also systems that help healthcare workers give patients the best care.

The requirements for accuracy have been tightened over the years. Healthcare institutions want their measuring equipment to meet those requirements.

Prior Medical Systems, has the vision to be a partner in health care, taking care of the basic measuring equipment. And we want to help professionals to do  their job and as little as possible to do paperwork.

How does Prior Medical Systems realize this? By :

Always keeping the weighing systems up to date with the requirements

Taking care of the technical condition of the products without affecting normal business operations


Taking care of good reporting to all relevant departments

Offering a budget guarantee.


Prior Medical Systems combines delivery, maintenance and calibration. Everything in one hand, with a specialized group of employees, great know-how and flexibility through the in-house production facilities.

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