RST-1500 Wheelchair scale


Prior Model RTS-1500, Multifunctional Movable Wheelchair and Stretcher Weighing Scale for hospitals and clinics, dialyses centre and long stay care.

§ Weighing capacity 300 kg

§ Graduation  per 100 gram

§ Fully electronic with 4 OIML approved loadcells

§ Movable through 4 wheels, 2 wheels with a brake on it

§ Sturdy handrail for the walking patients, one  at the long side of the scale and  one at backside of the platform

§ Platform drive in dimensions 890 (w) x 900 (l) x 30 (h) mm

§ Scale painted in RAL 7001 and platform with rubber matting

§ Weighing Indicator Model CI -200 for a quick read out of the weight of the patient, weighing indicator with a backlight display, rechargeable battery (for about 50 hours of weighing) and function keys for zero, tare etc

§ OIML approved for class III


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